ACA 5 Passes Appropriations Committee, Next Vote in Full Assembly

Yes on Prop 16

Today the Opportunity for All Coalition celebrated the Assembly Appropriations Committee passage of ACA 5, historic legislation that would allow California voters their first opportunity in a generation to voice their opinion on equal opportunity programs like affirmative action. ACA 5 is authored by Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber (D – San Diego).

The Appropriations Committee victory marks the second major win for ACA 5, coming after a successful 6-1 bipartisan vote on the bill in the Assembly Public Employment and Retirement Committee on May 5.

“We believe that restoring equal opportunity programs in California is the only way we can build a stronger California as we recover from this health and economic crisis. By passing ACA 5, we will ensure that as we rebuild, the state will be able to focus on addressing the needs of California’s women, people of color, and other communities who were the most impacted,” said Opportunity…

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