“Grave Dereliction of Duty,” Coalition of National Advocacy Groups Issues Statement on Senate Vote to Acquit President Trump

Equal Justice Society

Cross-posted from freespeechforpeople.org.

A coalition of national advocacy groups representing millions of people issued a statement castigating the U.S. Senate for voting to acquit President Trump.  Led by Free Speech For People, the statement is co-signed by: By the People, Center for Popular Democracy, Common Defense, Equal Justice Society, Greenpeace USA, Progressive Democrats of America, Revolving Door Project, and Women’s March.

The statement urges the House of Representatives to take immediate action by 1) Subpoenaing John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney, and any other witnesses or documents previously contested by the White House—and litigate those subpoenas up to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary; 2) Re-open the impeachment inquiry to consider the full panoply of Trump’s misconduct, as detailed in the “Impeachment For The People” document in November 2019; 3) Create and staff a new standing committee in the House for the defense of free and fair elections.


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