In new video, “Jack McCoy” implores Rosenstein not to resign

Equal Justice Society

Sam Waterston implores Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein not to resign in a new video supporting the Nobody is Above the Law ( effort. Waterston played attorney Jack McCoy from 1994-2010 on NBC’s Law & Order television series.

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“Some might like to see you resign because they don’t like what the Russia investigations are uncovering,” says Waterston in the video. “That is wrong. Books will be written about this moment and history will judge it. Mr. Rosenstein, we implore you: do not resign. A grateful nation asks you to stay right where you are, and continue the superb job you have been doing.”

The Oscar-nominated Waterston appeared in two previous videos together generating more than one million views. This third Waterston video was produced by Eva Paterson and the Equal Justice Society, produced by Valerie Stadler, written by Linda Burstyn…

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