Join 18MR to Resist for 100 Days


An email today from 18MR:

It’s only been six days since Trump took the White House and we’ve already seen Executive Order after Executive Order fulfilling his divisive and unjust campaign promises. Our Congressional leaders have been capitulating on legislation and shocking cabinet appointments. The White House press corps has been lied to and disrespected.

It feels like even some of our dependable allies in power are shortsighted, craven, or, worse, willing to collaborate. We cannot depend on them to represent our interests and values. Instead we must work together to resist.

We’ve always known that social movements aren’t about one election or candidate. They’re about us. A movement is the deep connection and commitment we make while fighting for a better future — one that finally acknowledges that Black Lives Matter, that Indigenous folks deserve the right to water and sacred sites more than companies deserve the “right”…

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