CAPA21 Launches Outreach Campaign to AAPIs in Nevada



The national political action committee CAPA21 has launched a series of direct mailers, ethnic media ads, and a new website targeting Asian American and Pacific Islander voters in Nevada.

Most of the direct mail pieces encourage voters to participate in the February 20 Democratic Presidential Caucus in support of Hillary Clinton. CAPA21 was the first major AAPI political action committee to endorse Clinton and is the first PAC to launch a targeted AAPI outreach program supporting Clinton. One set of mailers and the website,, are more focused on just turning out AAPIs to the caucus.

The direct mail campaign started on Feb. 8. The ads in Filipino American and Chinese language newspapers will appear this week.

“AAPI voters in Nevada can determine the outcome of the Presidential Caucus there,” said Glen S. Fukushima, Chair of CAPA21. “AAPIs make up at least seven percent of the Nevada electorate, and the last…

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