Project by Project: China Earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone Relief Fund

A note from Project by Project LA:

In the last few weeks we have all seen the vivid reports on the devastation of the China Earthquake as well as the Myanmar Cyclone. Our deepest condolences go out to anyone who has been affected by these disasters. We at Project by Project are writing to remind everyone that the crisis is still ongoing and it is not too late to donate to those relief funds.

As an organization that focuses on issues relating to the Asian American community here in the U.S., we cannot help but feel compassion for anyone who is dealing with family going through these hardships, regardless of the fact that it is not happening right here in our backyard. It touches all of us on a human level and it prompts us to go outside of our mission statement and lend a hand. One of our PbP volunteers visiting China, landed in Chengdu on the very day the Earthquake hit, and her personal account of what she experienced brings another level of reality to all the eye witness accounts that we have seen in the news.

We usually seek out donations for PbP and our local chapter partners, but at this time, we would like to encourage everyone to take a few seconds out of their busy schedule to make a donation to one of the many relief funds set up to help the people of China and Myanmar. A lot of you have perhaps already done so and we thank you for that. For those of you who haven’t yet, please contribute any amount you can to help those who are now homeless and hungry.

PbP is not endorsing any particular fund, but we are highlighting a few organizations that we have donated to the past for other world disasters:

American Red Cross


Google (You can use the Google CheckOut feature to make your donation)

Feed the Children


From all of us at Project by Project, we thank you for your contribution and continued support.

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  1. Thank you for posting this.

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