The Big A, New AsianAm Magazine, to Launch this Year

My friend Don Chareunsy, the editor-in-chief of a new Asian American magazine called The Big A, invited me to the publication’s Bay Area mixer last night at MR.

The Big A will be a national Asian American monthly glossy with supplemental online content targeting the 18-34 demographic and covering topics ranging from business to lifestyle.

thebiga_logo_don1.jpgFrom their website: “While local and regional publications may address the Asian American culture in their specific communities, they offer no connection to Asian American culture on a national or international level. The online component will be a complement and not a duplicate of the magazine. The website will be very interactive and innovative with pod castings and blogging capabilities. This website will ask our viewers for their opinions and comments with results posted in the next issue.”

Don was most recently with the San Diego Union-Tribune and serves on the national governing board of the Asian American Journalists Association. He was previously with the Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter and the Orange County Register.

I also got to meet the magazine’s CEO and publisher Bessy Lee-Oh and vice president of business development Duy Nguyen.

The magazine mock-up looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing them succeed in a tough segment.

UPDATE: An announcement today about the formation of a National Association of Asian Publishers.

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