Ben Fong-Torres ‘Backstage’ on KFRC

I stumbled upon the voice of Ben Fong-Torres on the radio. First thing I thought of was “now, this is what a radio personality is supposed to sound like.” Went to his site to get an update on what he’s up to.

I’ve always dug doing radio on the side, and it’s back at my side again. Sundays, I’ve got a show, “Backstage,” on KFRC here in San Francisco-and it streams live at It airs twice, at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., runs two hours, and it’s mostly music & memories from the ’60s and ’70s. KFRC is a “Classic Hits” station, but I get to inject older and newer sounds-it’s that bridging of music thing again. And there are plenty of rarities, interview snippets, and surprises.

And, finally, I’ve been writing a music blog at since July 2007, and it’ll run through the end of the year, and maybe beyond. It began as an all-Elvis project, building up to the 30th anniversary of his death. Now, it’s about…whatever.

Of course, my main columns continue at Asian Connections, at, and in the San Francisco Chronicle, where my radio column runs every other Sunday and can be found, with aggressive digging, via [his column from yesterday is here].

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