Eric Byler, Annabel Park Launch Interactive Documentary on Immigration Battle in Virginia

Filmmakers Annabel Park and Eric Byler have launched a YouTube “interactive documentary” ( on the battle over immigration in Virginia.

“We’ve been on the ground in Northern Virginia and it really feels like a battle over America’s soul,” said Park in an email. “Our generation’s cultural civil war. Our hope is that our YouTube videos can help promote greater understanding and alleviate the hostility in Northern Virginia.”

The format is experimental and they’re inviting people to provide feedback and suggestions on what they’d like to see in the series.

Park and Byler are asking for your support: “In order to make a convincing case that we are having impact, we need to drive more traffic to your channel and show more interaction.”

In July, the Prince William Co. Board of Supervisors unanimously passed the harshest local legislation in the nation aiming to removing undocumented immigrants from their county. Supporters say that the Board is brave and it is necessary in order to preserve the law and quality of life. Critics say that it’s racist and a cynical case of self-serving political grandstanding in an election year.

On November 6, all local and state-level seats are up for election in Virginia including Prince William Co. Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart and Supervisor John Stirrup, who introduced the controversial resolution.

Because of the timeliness of the subject, they felt compelled to create a real-time, interactive documentary Youtube channel — breaking with the usual documentary post-production method that delays public feedback for months and months.

Visit the channel now and add your comment and support for Annabel’s and Eric’s efforts.

One response to “Eric Byler, Annabel Park Launch Interactive Documentary on Immigration Battle in Virginia”

  1. Statement from Eric Byler and Ananbel Park:

    “9500 Liberty” is an experimental documentary about how (and why) the immigration issue has been used to create a climate of racial hostility in Northern Virginia — a region that until recently had been known as an increasingly diverse and inclusive society.

    Virginia’s state election on November 6, 2007 has been positioned as a “referendum on immigration,” and may well be a sneak preview of a key political strategy for winning the White House in 2008.

    As an introduction, please view this clip which includes disturbing footage of a racist tirade directed at Hispanic children in Manassas, Virginia:

    Help us create a constructive forum on immigration by posting comments on our virtual town hall. And please forward these links to friends who may share our concern for the state of our democracy.

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