KQED Cancels ‘Pacific Time’, Just Say No


Nguyen Qui Duc sent an email early this morning with news that KQED was canceling ‘Pacific Time’ — the radio show he fought to create in order tell Asian Pacific stories that might otherwise not get covered.

“There isn’t a need to say how sad it is for me,” wrote Duc. “Pacific Time was a genuine effort by many to serve many. I am overcome with gratitude to think I have had a chance with the program: I would like to say thanks to you – colleagues who saw in it a worthy program, and gave it your trust and friendship and support.”

“We all wanted to it be on the air. We got it on the air. We wanted it to be better. We worked at it. We’ve been proud of it, even when it was a so-so edition. It was a voice for many who didn’t quite have one. Reporters, guests, artists and thinkers, survivors and average men and women on the streets of Beijing and Bali and San Francisco. Lives.”

The show, now hosted by Oanh Ha, will broadcast its last show on Oct. 11, according to Duc.

More info on ‘Pacific Time’ and read the Chronicle article on Duc by Vanessa Hua.

Ask KQED to reconsider by writing:

KQED president/CEO Jeff Clarke (jclarke@kqed.org)
Radio GM JoAnne Wallace (JWallace@kqed.org)
News director Raul Ramirez (RRamirez@kqed.org)
Please copy nthorsen@kqed.org and dnguyen@kqed.org

Email all of the above individuals in one click

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