HIF’s Last Hurrah: Celebrating Hapa Issues Forum and Looking to the Future of Mixed Race Organizing

You’re invited to the final event of Hapa Issues Forum, the organization which formed fifteen years ago to provide an empowering voice for the mixed race community, and which now officially commits itself to the history books.

On Saturday, September 8, we will meet on the campus of UC Berkeley to honor the past work of HIF, while examining the current and future landscape of organizing in the mixed race community. Our program will last from 2:00 to 5:00, with optional dinner to follow nearby at 6:00.

In your RSVP, please indicate whether or not you will be attending dinner, as this information is necessary for us to make dining arrangements. The program is free (although donations will be accepted to help us cover our expenses) and we will attempt to keep dinner under $40 (specific details have not yet been confirmed, as this will depend on the response we receive from you; interested parties will be sent follow-up information via email).

We hope you can join us for what will be a reunion of old friends, and an opportunity to see what lies on the horizon for the mixed race community.

Please direct inquiries to (773) 505-0717 or hapakine@yahoo.com.

Read coverage of HIF in the Nichi Bei Times

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