Korean American Organizations Set Up ‘Virginia Tech Memorial Fund’

The Korean American Coalition, the Mirae Foundation and the Southern California Korean College Student Association announced today (press release) the creation of a “Virginia Tech Memorial Fund” to support those affected by the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech.

The groups extended their “most heartfelt sympathies to the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy, and does not condone any act of violence.”

“The catastrophe that has befallen the victims and their families is tragic and terrible,” said Gie Kim, President of the KAC-DC chapter. “Our community expresses sympathy with the victims and their families as fellow Americans, and the thoughts and prayers of our community are with them.”

“We have found an overwhelming outpouring of support from students across the nation for those victims at Virginia Tech,” said Adrian Hong, member of the Board of Directors of the Mirae Foundation. “The students in Blacksburg have the sympathy and support of fellow students all over the nation, as well as our greater community.”

If you would like to contribute to the Virginia Tech Memorial Fund, please send checks to:

Korean American Coalition
Attn: VA Tech Memorial Fund
1001 Connecticut Ave NW Ste 730
Washington, DC 20036

Or donate online here

Yesterday, the Asian American Journalists Association issued a media advisory urging media to use caution in how the suspected shooter’s ethnicity factors into any coverage.

“As coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting continues to unfold, AAJA urges all media to avoid using racial identifiers unless there is a compelling or germane reason. There is no evidence at this early point that the race or ethnicity of the suspected gunman has anything to do with the incident, and to include such mention serves only to unfairly portray an entire people.

“The effect of mentioning race can be powerfully harmful. It can subject people to unfair treatment based simply on skin color and heritage. “

The Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) issued a press release today epxressing shock “by the meaningless loss of human life in the killing of over 30 students and faculty at Virginia Tech. The JACL joins the rest of the Nation to express condolences to the families of those who perished in this tragedy and wish for a speedy recovery of those who were injured.”

In this tragedy, the JACL also cautioned against reprisals against students, faculty, and others who are of Asian ancestry. While it has been confirmed that the gunman was Asian, there is no evidence that race or ethnicity of the suspected gunman had anything to do with the incident. The JACL emphasizes that this tragedy must be seen as the act of an individual and not that of an ethnic community.

JACL National Director, Floyd Mori stated, “The Asian American community is stunned and outraged that such a horrible incident could occur anywhere, especially in the peaceful atmosphere of an academic institution. We grieve with the families and friends of those who have died, yet we caution against stigmatizing an entire ethnic community. The Asian American community understands well the negative impact of such ethnic stigmatizing, and we hope that authorities will assure the future safety of all students and faculty there at Virginia Tech.”

The JACL is the largest and oldest Asian American civil rights organization in the country with members through out the nation and over one hundred active chapters in over 20 states.


The National Korean American Service & Education Consortium, NAKASEC, and our affiliates in Los Angeles (Korean Resource Center), in Chicago (Korean American Resource & Cultural Center), and Flushing, NY (YKASEC – Empowering the Korean American Community) extend our deepest condolences to the students, faculty, and staff of Virginia Tech. We join all Americans in mourning the lives lost as a result of the school shooting that took place yesterday.

Our hearts go out to the victims, their family members and friends. This unspeakable tragedy hurts all of us. As a community, Korean Americans will come together to provide the support and resources needed for the students, their families, the faculty and the staff at Virginia Tech. to overcome the grief and pain that overwhelms them all at this moment.

From Colombine to last fall’s shooting in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, school shootings & gun violence continue. The Korean American community will join the efforts of others in tackling the root causes of these senseless school shootings that continue to endanger our children and young adults.

NAKASEC is a national Korean American civil rights organization was founded in 1994 to promote the full participation of Korean Americans in American society. The organization’s website is http://www.nakasec.org.


OCA, a national Asian Pacific American organization dedicated to ensuring social justice for Asian Pacific Americans, expressed its support for Virginia Tech students, faculty, staff, friends, and family members in the wake of yesterday’s tragic shootings.

“The events at Virginia Tech were horrible and devastating, and OCA extends its support and sympathies to the entire grieving community,” said Ginny Gong, OCA National President. “We hope that the healing process is swift and complete for all those affected.”

“We, like the rest of the country, are shocked at these murders,” said Michael Lin, OCA Executive Director.  “We trust that the administration and law enforcement authorities will do their utmost to ensure the health and safety of all students, faculty, and staff at Virginia Tech during this time of tragedy.”


Today, Congressman Mike Honda (CA-15), Chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus offered the following statement:

“On behalf of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), I express my profound sympathy to the campus community of Virginia Tech University for the tragic murders that occurred yesterday. We offer our prayers to the students, their families, the faculty, and the staff at Virginia Tech.

“As the campus community joins together to mourn and rebuild, CAPAC will stand together with all Members of Congress and our community leaders to find ways to prevent future incidents and to offer support and resources to the Virginia Tech community.”

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