Join AAJA-SF at April 21 Matinee of ‘After the War’ by Philip Kan Gotanda

After the War
by Philip Kan Gotanda
Directed by Carey Perloff

Fillmore Street. San Francisco. 1946. A place to call home?

When more than 100,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned by the U.S. government during World War II, San Francisco’s bustling Japantown suddenly became an urban ghost town. African Americans from the neighboring Fillmore District, rural whites from the Midwest, and other societal outcasts began to fill the vacant neighborhood. But what happened when the Japanese Americans came back?

In this world premiere commissioned and developed by A.C.T., Philip Kan Gotanda (The Wash, A.C.T.’s Yohen) portrays an unexpected grouping of characters as they struggle to revive a community shattered by the effects of the war. Radiantly hopeful, heart-wrenchingly honest, and deeply infused with the jazz rhythms of the neighborhood, After the War is a powerful valentine to San Francisco—and to the everyday people who built this city with their lives, loves, and stories.

Join members of the Bay Area chapter of the Asian American Journalists for the 2 p.m. showing this Saturday, April 7 April 21. (Sorry, I got the date wrong!)

AAJA-SF is getting a group rate of $38.50 ($40 via credit card on paypal) for balcony seats (regular $45). The group may have dinner or drinks afterward.

Credit card payments accepted at or contact Jessie Mangaliman at by Thursday, April 5.

One response to “Join AAJA-SF at April 21 Matinee of ‘After the War’ by Philip Kan Gotanda”

  1. I saw it on the 28th.
    It was a great show!
    Shows a side of San Francisco history not highly represented. Educational and entertaining.
    Very moving and captivating.
    Philip Gotanda has done it again.
    Be sure to catch all the symbolic nuances.
    The set is great too!

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