“Grave Dereliction of Duty,” Coalition of National Advocacy Groups Issues Statement on Senate Vote to Acquit President Trump

Equal Justice Society

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A coalition of national advocacy groups representing millions of people issued a statement castigating the U.S. Senate for voting to acquit President Trump.  Led by Free Speech For People, the statement is co-signed by: By the People, Center for Popular Democracy, Common Defense, Equal Justice Society, Greenpeace USA, Progressive Democrats of America, Revolving Door Project, and Women’s March.

The statement urges the House of Representatives to take immediate action by 1) Subpoenaing John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney, and any other witnesses or documents previously contested by the White House—and litigate those subpoenas up to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary; 2) Re-open the impeachment inquiry to consider the full panoply of Trump’s misconduct, as detailed in the “Impeachment For The People” document in November 2019; 3) Create and staff a new standing committee in the House for the defense of free and fair elections.


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Sacramento School District and Advocacy Groups Pursue Settlement of Lawsuit

Equal Justice Society

The Sacramento City Unified School District (District) and plaintiffs suing the District for alleged discrimination against students based on race and disability asked the federal court to pause litigation so the parties may seek potential resolution through settlement.

The lawsuit, alleged as a class-action, was filed by a coalition of nonprofit advocacy groups on behalf of the Black Parallel School Board (BPSB) and three students in the District. The suit alleges that the District’s policies and practices in the areas of special education and student discipline harm students with disabilities, and in particular, Black students with disabilities.

While the District does not agree with the allegations in the lawsuit, “we appreciate plaintiffs’ willingness to work with us,” said District Superintendent Jorge A. Aguilar. “The District believes that we should work cooperatively with the plaintiffs to identify potential policies and practices that may not serve the best interests of the District’s…

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New Website, GoldChainsCA.org, Tells Story of Hidden History of Slavery in California

Remembering 1619

The ACLU of Northern California this week launched GoldChainsCA.org, a website that exposes the hidden history of slavery in California. The site is part of a collaboration between ACLU of Northern CaliforniaEqual Justice SocietyKQED, and Laura Atkins.

California has a reputation as the “Golden State” of opportunity, promise, innovation, and resistance. But the inconvenient truth that may surprise–and shock–many of us is that the state’s founding went hand in hand with policies that sanctioned slavery and genocide.

Gold Chains: The Hidden History of Slavery in California uncovers chapters of California’s hidden history. This unique project lifts up the voices of courageous African American and Native American individuals who challenged their brutal treatment and demanded their civil rights.

Gold Chains debunks California’s unblemished brand as exclusively progressive, correcting it with facts of a history mired in racism, white supremacy, and violence. The stories on the website are told through…

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A Journey to Collective Liberation: EJS Judge Motley Civil Rights Fellow Yoana Tchoukleva

Equal Justice Society

A Journey to Collective Liberation EJS Judge Motley Civil Rights Fellow Yoana Tchoukleva From Left to Right: Yoana Tchoukleva, Chris Bridges, Lisa Holder, Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager-Dove, and Kimberly Papillon.

In June 2018, Elizabeth J. Cabraser provided a generous gift allowing the Equal Justice Society to reactivate its Judge Constance Baker Motley Civil Rights Fellowship. Ms. Cabraser, who funded the 2001 conference that led to the founding of EJS, pledged to fund the fellowship for five years.

EJS established the Judge Constance Baker Motley Civil Rights Fellowship in 2006 to nurture the talents of a new generation of progressive lawyers to transform anti-discrimination law and policy. Judge Motley (September 14, 1921-September 28, 2005) was the first African American woman to serve on the federal bench and the first African American woman to serve as chief judge.

EJS selected Yoana Tchoukleva (formerly “Ioana”) as its 2018-2020 Motley Fellow. Yoana is an attorney, restorative justice practitioner, and organizer devoted to community-led initiatives for justice. She is…

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New Report: “When Bigotry Rises to the Level of an Impeachable Offense”

Equal Justice Society

A coalition that includes the Equal Justice Society released a new report today outlining the argument for President Trump’s impeachment on the basis of his racist abuses of power. EJS yesterday reiterated its support for the U.S. House impeachment inquiry and shared that Trump’s racist abuses of power should be among the Articles of Impeachment.

Authored by Free Speech For People’s Legal Director, constitutional lawyer Ron Fein, and issued by Free Speech For People, By The People, CREDO Action, and the Equal Justice Society, the report shows a pattern of the president’s racist rhetoric and policy actions, and sets forth, for the first time, a constitutional framework for determining when racist presidential action and rhetoric crosses the line into “high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” EJS Legal Director Mona Tawatao reviewed the report.

Read the full announcement and download the report here.

Following Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement yesterday that the US…

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California State Treasurer Creates Registry for Women Interested in Serving on Boards of Publicly Held Corporations

California State Treasurer Fiona Ma is launching a registry of potential women board members to share with corporations in an effort to get more women to serve on corporate boards and help corporations comply with a new California law Treasurer Ma is inviting women experienced in banking, public finance, accounting, and executive-level decision-making to join … Continue reading California State Treasurer Creates Registry for Women Interested in Serving on Boards of Publicly Held Corporations