Equal Justice Society: Abortion bans are part of intertwined systems of oppression

The Supreme Court’s decision today in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which upholds Mississippi’s harmful 15-week ban on abortion, destroys the constitutional right to abortion in our country, a right that we have had for 50 years. This devastating decision will harm millions of people. Abortion bans like Mississippi’s are part of the intertwined … Continue reading Equal Justice Society: Abortion bans are part of intertwined systems of oppression

AAJA: Nearly a quarter of TV stations in top U.S. markets have zero AAPIs on air

Local TV stations in the top 20 designated market areas (DMAs) did a poor job proportionately representing the AAPI population in their communities, according to preliminary findings of the new analysis announced on May 4 by the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA). Nearly half (48.3%) of the AAPI population in the U.S. lives in the top 20 DMAs, yet a quarter of the stations had no AAPIs on air.

Janice Ellis: Appointing a Black woman to the Supreme Court is not affirmative action

The distorted misinformation about affirmative action is once again raising its ugly head around the potential nomination of a Black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court. Before any qualified, likely overqualified, Black woman is nominated for the Supreme Court, her reputation is being tainted by the notion that the only reason she is being considered is because of affirmative action. The deliberate disparagement is not only coming from misguided divisive media personalities, but also from the U. S. Senate. What a gross injustice to attempt to discredit and marginalize Black women in America one more time, in the most public way — casting one more debasement in their historic march toward equality. Must American history continue to bear such an ugly stain.