Assembly Committee Approves ACA 5, Moves to Appropriations Committee

Opportunity for All Coalition - Yes on ACA 5 - Repeal Proposition 209

The Opportunity for All Coalition supporting ACA 5, Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber’s bill to allow voters an opportunity to restore affirmative action and equal opportunity in California, applauds the approval of the bill by the Assembly’s Committee on Public Employment and Retirement on a 5-1 bipartisan vote. ACA 5 will be heard next by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Eva Paterson, Co-Chair of the Opportunity for All Coalition, celebrated the victory, saying, “The vote today is a historic step for California. It is critical that ACA 5 is part of the discussion as we consider how we are going to keep Californians safe and stable through the COVID-19 crisis.” She continued, “We look forward to the next steps in the process of putting this on the November ballot. California has been hit hard by this virus. ACA 5 provides concrete ways for our collective recovery.”

The committee’s approval means ACA 5…

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